Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Country House

So I came to Asheboro last night for a couple of reasons. The main reason is that I have strep throat and I didn't like sitting in my apartment by myself all day. Also I was planning on coming home this weekend since I had time off from work and just wanted to relax for a few days. So now I am on my parents' couch with my dog and cat to keep me company which makes a lot of difference than being in my bed in Raleigh. And of course since I have been in here I feel 10 times better, the moment I am taken care of, the moment I am all better.

Anyways I have now come to the conclusion that Asheboro isn't so bad. Well at least the house I spent my high school years isn't so bad. I now call it my country house because its once place I can come to and be completely comfortable and worry free. In this house where I used to be yelled at for not picking up my things, doing the dishes, or not cleaning my room, I can now lay on the couch all day and not feel guilty about anything because this is now where I come to relax. I really appreciate this house now. My parents already have to make dinner for themselves so whats one more mouth to feed. And since caller id is conveniently on my phone, I can choose when I want to be bothered.

Now you may say my life isn't crazy/busy enough to need a country house but I believe everyone needs a place where they can just recharge and be worry free for a few days. Its good for you!

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