Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well I may have spoken too soon in that last post. I now have learned that staying at home with my parents is only so relaxing and blissful for the first 48 hours. After that period of time my parents are reminded of my annoying habits and laziness that occurs when I have nothing to do. I was asked to help out while I am home since they are not my servants. Now I understand this of course but I wanted to take advantage of their kindness as long as possible. I am now an adult and have my own household to keep up with so its nice to not have to worry about things like dishes.

Going back to the town where I spent 4 prominent years of my life is bittersweet. After those 48 hours, not only do the chores start, the memories start coming back. As I drive down Zoo Parkway, the 7 miles that connects my country house and civilization, I am constantly reminded of things from my past. The small town of Asheboro is where I found my first love, my best friends, my faith. However I have changed so much since I last "lived" there and when I return, its like visiting movie sets where my life took place but no longer needed for my life's scenes currently. Along with the sets not being the same, the people are no longer there, so its not even close to being the place I once called home.

Everyone says home is where the heart is but what if you don't know where your heart is?

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