Saturday, June 12, 2010

A New Perspective

So the idea of perception has been repeating itself in my brain for weeks now. My excuse for everyone now is "well that's your perspective." Which results in me thinking that nothing is really real. Too deep, eh? Well then that means this blog may only make sense to me and that is ok because I am writing this for me more than anyone else.

So every person is born into a different world of perspective, no one has the exact same perception of the world we all live in. I have blended perceptions from my parents and the world I grew up in. Some people don't see that getting a college degree is a necessity of life but through my teenage years I gained the perspective that if I don't get a college degree then I don't get a good job. This isn't always true. Plenty of people get "good jobs' without a degree. What is the definition of a good job though, thats a different perspective as well. Its a never ending cycle with this theme.

However, are these perceptions that we have in our minds, created by our own minds or someone else's? Because I was raised by two liberal parents, would I still see race, sexuality, and religion the same way I do now? Most likely not. So this perception I have is a vulnerable idea that many people have more power over than they know. Our perceptions are always changing with every experience.

Maybe I have this idea of perception all wrong but if everyone sees something different so what is the truth to everything if we all have a different perception? Is there a truth except that we all have a different perception of how everything should be?