Saturday, June 12, 2010

A New Perspective

So the idea of perception has been repeating itself in my brain for weeks now. My excuse for everyone now is "well that's your perspective." Which results in me thinking that nothing is really real. Too deep, eh? Well then that means this blog may only make sense to me and that is ok because I am writing this for me more than anyone else.

So every person is born into a different world of perspective, no one has the exact same perception of the world we all live in. I have blended perceptions from my parents and the world I grew up in. Some people don't see that getting a college degree is a necessity of life but through my teenage years I gained the perspective that if I don't get a college degree then I don't get a good job. This isn't always true. Plenty of people get "good jobs' without a degree. What is the definition of a good job though, thats a different perspective as well. Its a never ending cycle with this theme.

However, are these perceptions that we have in our minds, created by our own minds or someone else's? Because I was raised by two liberal parents, would I still see race, sexuality, and religion the same way I do now? Most likely not. So this perception I have is a vulnerable idea that many people have more power over than they know. Our perceptions are always changing with every experience.

Maybe I have this idea of perception all wrong but if everyone sees something different so what is the truth to everything if we all have a different perception? Is there a truth except that we all have a different perception of how everything should be?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Great Expectations

So I have been wanting to write these thoughts out for a while now but just can 't seem to get them together to make sense. So why not just type and see where my mind takes me, and whoever is reading this for that matter.

Lately I have begun to think that we as a society have set our expectations for our lives way too high. Most of the things we stress about don't even matter. Like why do we debate about half of things we do. Currently I have CNN on and they are talking about Sandra Bullock's adoption and how the race is an issue. Does it really matter? Seriously? An innocent child just got adopted by an Oscar winning actress who has a ton of money and wanted a baby. I can think of a million things worse. Why focus our attention on an issue like this? Maybe race wouldn't be such an issue if we didn't make it an issue so much.

Ok, back to my original though of great expectations. I believe our society often loses sight of the big picture. If you think about the other 6.6 billion people on this planet, I am sure your problems won't seem like problems at all. Of course I know we all lose sight of this, including myself. However, I feel like we need to be reminded of how great a simple life can be. My happiest memories do not involve any material things, it was the people and location that were the biggest factors. Different people and places are what this world has the most of and are which make me the happiest. Its not the perfect birthday cake that made the birthday special, it was the people I shared it with.

When I was in the Dominican Republic, people were all outside, enjoying each other. They didn't have tv's or computers to isolate themselves from each other. For entertainment, they had to interact, but walking down a dirt street in a small town in the Dominican Republic, was where I saw some of the happiest people in my life. Our bus driver for the week always had a huge grin on his face. Even though, half of our group could not communicate with him, just a smile made our day.

All of this "stuff" in our lives is blocking the view of the big picture.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Update on my big girl life

So whoever is reading this, I would hope you know I have moved to San Diego, CA. If you didn't know this, we aren't really friends haha.

Anyways, here I am finishing up my third month in the beautiful San Diego. My life has transformed. I have gone from waitress to working in the events department for a non-profit. Pretty much starting out at the bottom of the chain but hopefully it will take me to the top one day somewhere, who knows where.

I like my job most days. I am still dealing with "the public" which is where most of my battles come into play. Since I have a degree in Communication, its hard to realize that not everyone understands the importance of communication. Also, 75% of the people do not read/follow directions so I have to contact them and instruct them personally. So realizing how much time I could save if people followed directions in the first place, makes me a little frustrated.

I am living with my aunt since San Diego is crazy expensive. Being a semi recent grad, a server before I arrived, and now starting at the bottom of the chain at a nonprofit, the funds aren't exactly there to be completely independent quite yet. I like to call it being smart, not dependent. I enjoy it for the most part. Thanks to my amazing parents, I have my car and all the important things I need to make my room my own.

I believe that making friends in a new city can be the hardest but most rewarding experience. You can completely reinvent yourself. I am unsure if I have completely done this but I am sure I have on some level. I am only 22, reinventing myself is a daily task. Being this age has taught me that I think I have life figured out but can change my mind in a second. Who knows where my life will take me, haven't I said this before?