Friday, July 31, 2009

What are you doing now?

So I get asked this question pretty much on a daily basis. Since I have a college degree I suppose I am expected to be doing something worth talking about. Also, the bank tellers and my customers just like to have small talk and this is the easiest question to ask when you hear I just graduated. I appreciate the interest people have in my life but I wish I had something great to tell them. So I try to put a big spin on it like this.....

My job consists of running around Cameron Bar and Grill, a locally owned restaurant, from 10am-2pm or 5-10ish. I am definitely not just sitting at a desk wasting my energy. I am either serving or hostessing, once in a while I am expo (making sure the food is the way it was ordered and running it to tables) in the kitchen where I get to speak Spanish with the cooks. I say get to because I don't have many other people to practice my Spanish with in my pursuit of being fluent. I like serving and hostessing because I get to interact with people. I can pretty good money at night serving, so I can still pay my bills and go out on the weekends.

So in theory it sounds pretty good... there just isn't much significance to my job and I am in need of a more purposeful life. Therefore I am meeting with someone on Monday to discuss being an intern for the International Festival here in Raleigh, an event I attend ever year. I really hope I get it!

I also just moved into an apartment with my friend from freshman year, Kelsey! So all you Raleighains (I made that up) will have to come visit me! And all of you other kind folk, come visit too and I will make sure to have freshly baked cookies and some sort of alcohol.

I think I am still allowed to blame the economy for the lack of excitement in my career right now? However Jon and Kate divorcing and Michael Jackson dying have taken the stage as the unemployed sit in their living rooms watching these tragedies unfold.

So thats what I am doing now....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank you for your patience

I am on hold right now with Progress Energy. Just another joy of being a responsible adult that is moving in two days. I thought the online system of transferring my cable would be simple and easy. So far I see that idea being false. It said I had to pay a $200 deposit to have my power turned on in the new place. But how do I pay it? Anyone know? So now I am on hold, the estimated time was 6 minutes. Its been about 8 minutes....oh yay a person is talking to me. I am back on hold again while she "looks at my account" The point to this blog entry is solely for my entertainment purpose, not yours.

Ok so I found out I can mail in the deposit. I guess I should invest in some stamps if I am going to be this responsible adult kind of person I am going for...

Saturday, July 25, 2009


So since I have graduated college (May 9,2009 to be exact), I have thought about all the choices I have to make now. For the first time in my life I have real choices to make, real choices that will affect my life and I will have no one else to blame if I make wrong ones. Where will I live? Where will I work? What will I spend all my money on? Its quite overwhelming in this unknown territory.

So far, the majority of my life, most of my significant choices were made for me. I did not have to choose where to live, what to drive, what to do with my daily life. College was a choice made based on eliminating other options. For financial reasons, my choice of college was limited to within the borders of North Carolina. I chose North Carolina State University, the largest university in NC located in Raleigh, the second largest city in NC. I mention those two details because thats a large part of why I chose State. I enjoyed my four years there, I believe I would have enjoyed an out of state university more but hey I am a lot less in debt so I guess it all works out.

Now it seems everyone is interested in what choices I have made lately. Well if I could choose to have my life any way I want it, I would be living in a loft in NYC, helping people every day through my career, and living the life I see on TV. Of course thats not happening. Instead I am moving into my one story apartment building on Wednesday, paying for it by tips of Cameron Bar and Grill customers, and "helping" people every day by serving them food that will clog their arteries and their much needed alcohol. But hey, I made choices that have led me to this life. Lucky for me, I still have time to make more choices to start living the life I've imagined.

I shall share the choices I make via this blog so stay tuned :-)