Wednesday, December 23, 2009

TV/Movies: Friend or Enemy?

So I really wanted to listen to this song I had heard on Grey's Anatomy so I muted the tv. Then I felt like I couldn't really feel/hear the song with the tv's images flashing before my face so I turned off the tv. Then when the song was over I thought I really like listening to music, why don't I do that more often? So I continued to listen to this new artist I found (Bon Iver) and so that is what I am currently doing.

This ignited thoughts I have been having a while about tv and movies. Am I too attached or have I made it habitat that when I am home, the tv is on? All I do when I am home is watch tv which makes me like the laziest person ever. I do enjoy using television to relax but I think after 3 episodes of Grey's I should be pretty relaxed. I don't have a hobby or anything else to do though. Hmmm...dilemma, huh?

Another thought I have is the influence tv and movies have on me. I basically for all my life have wanted my life to be like a tv or movie. Who doesn't? I remember once arguing with my dad I had to do something because thats what they did in the movies and he said the movies isn't real life and it doesn't happen like that. I distinctly remembering telling myself that I will make my life be like a movie. Of course I want the romantic comedy kind, not the violent thriller. It has been said that you create your life with your thoughts and actions, so why not have the scenes of a movie take place in your own life. It would be ideal to have the big romantic gestures, the very attractive and well dressed people, and everyone knowing what to say at the exact right times.

Its true what they say, you can't make plans in life. Who knows what will happen. So my plan right now is not to have a plan and hope that my life could have been a movie :-)

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