Saturday, April 24, 2010

Update on my big girl life

So whoever is reading this, I would hope you know I have moved to San Diego, CA. If you didn't know this, we aren't really friends haha.

Anyways, here I am finishing up my third month in the beautiful San Diego. My life has transformed. I have gone from waitress to working in the events department for a non-profit. Pretty much starting out at the bottom of the chain but hopefully it will take me to the top one day somewhere, who knows where.

I like my job most days. I am still dealing with "the public" which is where most of my battles come into play. Since I have a degree in Communication, its hard to realize that not everyone understands the importance of communication. Also, 75% of the people do not read/follow directions so I have to contact them and instruct them personally. So realizing how much time I could save if people followed directions in the first place, makes me a little frustrated.

I am living with my aunt since San Diego is crazy expensive. Being a semi recent grad, a server before I arrived, and now starting at the bottom of the chain at a nonprofit, the funds aren't exactly there to be completely independent quite yet. I like to call it being smart, not dependent. I enjoy it for the most part. Thanks to my amazing parents, I have my car and all the important things I need to make my room my own.

I believe that making friends in a new city can be the hardest but most rewarding experience. You can completely reinvent yourself. I am unsure if I have completely done this but I am sure I have on some level. I am only 22, reinventing myself is a daily task. Being this age has taught me that I think I have life figured out but can change my mind in a second. Who knows where my life will take me, haven't I said this before?

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  1. Bravo Katie! MKB here.

    Yes, "communication" ever so important. My graduate work was in "mass communication" and you are right on when you report that so many don't read/follow directions. In that moment we go from "communication" to "customer service" where we take pains to assist them with patience and due consideration.

    Wise you are at the ripe age of 22 when you write,, "I like to call it being smart, not dependent." It's true. You're being prudent and circumspect and building a foundation for what will follow.

    And wow, I so agree with this assertion, "You can completely reinvent yourself." Again, you speak the truth. It is a lifelong, ceaseless process.

    I'm in my 50s and I'm in the midst of yet another reinvention. I'd like to share with you my recently launched novel-blog. I'm calling it "a probe-goad novel for the 21st century." The story will unfold in blog posts every 9 or 10 days. I hope you take a peek and enjoy:


    Ongoing Story:

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