Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank you for your patience

I am on hold right now with Progress Energy. Just another joy of being a responsible adult that is moving in two days. I thought the online system of transferring my cable would be simple and easy. So far I see that idea being false. It said I had to pay a $200 deposit to have my power turned on in the new place. But how do I pay it? Anyone know? So now I am on hold, the estimated time was 6 minutes. Its been about 8 minutes....oh yay a person is talking to me. I am back on hold again while she "looks at my account" The point to this blog entry is solely for my entertainment purpose, not yours.

Ok so I found out I can mail in the deposit. I guess I should invest in some stamps if I am going to be this responsible adult kind of person I am going for...

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